Our Services

Timberline Helicopters provides utility aviation and charter services. Using proven aircraft, highly experienced crews, a late model ground support fleet, and a "can-do" attitude we endeavor to exceed customer expectations whatever the project. If you need something or someone moved by helicopter, Timberline Helicopters can accomplish the mission anytime and anywhere.

Powerline Construction

From initial project survey to the final inspection Timberline Helicopters has the experience needed to safely complete all facets of powerline construction. Some of our experience includes providing heavy lift helicopters for 500kV powerline construction in remote areas. From vegetation clearing to foundation construction to tower assembly to wiring stringing and site rehabilitation we have done it all. Our flight crews are particularly known for their “on the bolts” accuracy that is absolutely necessary for the safe completion of projects, especially while crews may be working hundreds of feet above the ground handling loads weighing up to 8,000 lbs.

Powerline Maintenance

Using highly skilled pilots and experienced linemen Timberline Helicopters has completed many types of powerline maintenance. These maintenance tasks have included marker ball installation and replacement, bird diverter installation, mid span wire repairs, fiber installation, damper replacement, and patrol operations. Timberline Helicopters is approved by both San Diego Gas & Electric and Southern California Edison for these types of work.

Ski Lift Construction

Ski lifts are built where it snows, naturally, but this is usually in locations that feature extreme terrain and/or altitude. For over 8 years Timberline Helicopters has assembled more ski lifts in the Western United States than all other companies offering this service combined. We are often involved with the ski lift builder early in the design phase to ensure that the contemplated loads can be delivered safely at the altitudes required. Additionally, we keep at least one aircraft available during summer for Ski Lift and other types of work when most other operators concentrate on firefighting operations and may not be available.


Each summer, Timberline Helicopters provides helicopters and crews to state and federal government agencies for wildland firefighting operations in the US and Australia. Using our own proprietary powerfill bucket technology and highly experienced pilots we typically can bring more water more accurately to the wild land firefighter than much larger aircraft.


Helicopter logging is an environmentally friendly way to extract valuable timber from areas that are inaccessible or cannot be disturbed. Timberline Helicopters began as a helicopter logging company and we have 1,000’s of hours of experience with all types of logging projects. As the population moves further into the wildland urban interface helicopter logging has become a preferred method of reducing the fuel loading to prevent catastrophic fires from burning homes and buildings. We have completed these types of projects from Washington to South Dakota to California and provided consulting services for the setup and administration of these projects.

Heavy Lift

If you need to move something large by air there is a good chance we have already done something similar. From installing air handling equipment on buildings, transporting statues into inaccessible areas, dropping test loads for parachute development, or surgical removal of a tree piece by piece out of a backyard, Timberline Helicopters has the experience needed to complete any project requiring aerial transport.

Maintenance Services

In 2013, Timberline Helicopters became a Part 145 certificated repair station. Currently our capabilities include the Schweizer 300, Bell UH-1, Kaman K-Max, Sikorsky UH-60, and MD-500D/530F.

Type Certification

In 2016, Timberline Helicopters received FAA Type Certificate #R00052SE for the UH-60A Helicopter. This allows us to convert Black Hawk helicopters from a military configuration to a civil utility version. As an operator of the type, we have incorporated many modifications and upgrades that make the helicopter more suitable for external load operations. We continue to develop Supplemental Type Certificates for the UH-60 to enhance its capabilities in the heavy lift and firefighting market.