Uniflight Global Completes Sale of Aviation Services Unlimited to the Timberline Group



The Timberline Group, which owns and operates Timberline Helicopters, Inc., Timberline Aerospace, LLC, and Timberline Logging Enterprises, LLC., has entered into an agreement with Uniflight Global, LLC, the parent company of Uniflight, Aviation Services Unlimited, and formerly of Keystone Med-Flight and Hawke Aircraft Holdings, Inc., to acquire Aviation Services Unlimited (ASU) and its affiliated fleet assets.

“This marks the first time that Timberline has undertaken growth by company acquisition,” stated Ammy and Brian Jorgenson, owners of the Timberline Group. “We started with one aircraft, a K-MAX, and over the past 17 years have grown organically, by adding aircraft and capabilities. The decision to grow by acquisition in this case was driven by strategic requirements, and the fact that members of our team had prior experience with the ASU certificate team gave us an advantage in terms of due diligence, making the process very efficient.”

Joe Hawke, Chairman and CEO of Uniflight Global, added, “We were deeply complimented when the Timberline Group approached us about a potential acquisition of our flight operations. We understood that they had a strategic need, and the timing worked well from our standpoint. Arguably, this has been the fastest and friendliest transaction of the sort I have ever been involved with. We wish our ASU colleagues, now Uniflight Global alumni, all the best as they join the Timberline team, and we want to offer our congratulations to the Timberline team on their inaugural acquisition. I believe it will mark the beginning of a broader consolidation in the overall helicopter utility sector.”

The Timberline Group plans to increase its presence in helicopter heavy lift operations, repair, and development across the US. With a coast-to-coast reach, Timberline continues to offer unparalleled aerial lift services in the utility, construction, firefighting, and logging verticals. “While offering heavy lift services around the globe, we are extremely excited with this opportunity to further solidify our footprint across the United States,” stated the Jorgensen owners.







Aerial Photography is the best way to present a new perspective on any scene or location by providing overhead views. Aerial Photography will allow anyone to depict their specific location(s) and their relationships to surrounding areas. Aerial Photography is also rapidly becoming a necessary resource for mapping purposes. We’ve provided aerial photography services for aerial maps used for theme parks, college campuses, and business parks.

Capturing the perfect scene relies on many factors. Understanding and facilitating the creative process is one of the most important assets we bring to a project.  Our experience with cinematographers and videographers gives us an edge when it comes to helping you get what you need – the way you need it. Some recent experiences are listed below.

Our credits include:

  • Two MTV series
  • National Geographic
  • ABC, NBC, CNN, and CBS news
  • Discovery Channel
  • Major motion pictures filming
  • Location scouting




Timberline East's Central NY Charter service offers an affordable and comfortable alternative for quick travel city to city, airport to vacation sites, or to avoid long lines at airport terminals.

We will also help you create your own unique VIP experience with a ‘customizable’ flight over the Central New York region.  

A helicopter is the perfect way for locals and visitors alike to experience Upstate and Central New York from a completely new and exciting perspective.

You don’t have to settle for the traditional method of sightseeing by driving through cities or the country side looking past other cars and billboards to hopefully get a glimpse of what you wanted. This service offers an ideal gift for special occasions such as; marriage proposals, anniversaries, engagements, birthday celebrations, and the Adirondack Mountains fall foliage experience.  

A helicopter is the perfect way for locals and visitors alike to experience Upstate and Central New York from a completely new and exciting perspective.




For the small to medium-sized packages that require expedited dedicated door-to-door service, Timberline East is the optimum solution for time-sensitive deliveries city to city.  We’ve provided delivery support to almost every industry including Medical, Oil & Gas, Original Equipment Manufacturing, Passenger Airlines, and more.

When every second is costing your organization money, Timberline East is your solution for expedited delivery.




Timberline East provides eradication services to various Law Enforcement Agencies throughout the Eastern United States.  Our pilots have experience searching for and identifying marijuana in the wild.

The Bell 206 helicopter is an efficient and effective tool while operating doors off, at low altitudes, in all types of terrain.




At Timberline East, we know that finding solutions and maintaining uninterrupted power services to your customers is your top priority. Whatever the surveying need may be, Timberline East can tailor a solution to fit your requirement. Our experienced pilots are trained and capable to provide you with both wide and narrow area surveillance, through our LIDAR and Thermal capabilities, to gain the information required.

Services Options include:

  • Confirmation of Vegetation Management Plan and NERC/FERC Compliance
  • Infrastructure Repair Support
  • Post Storm Inspection
  • Gas Line Leak Detection
  • Drop and Go Landings for Line/Maintenance Crews
  • Line Inspection/Patrol & Recording (Standard & HD offered)
  • Crop Drying and Freeze Protection
  • Surrounding Vegetation Inspection & recording (Standard & HD offered)
  • Infrared & Thermograph Inspections




Timberline East understands the concept of service as it applies to the Utility Industry. There are also those times when emergencies arise and the only way to assess and remedy them is to get a perspective from above, in a helicopter. When that happens and timing is crucial, Timberline East is the ultimate solution to get you in the air and help you assess your emergency situation.

Surveys and emergency evaluations are a specialty with us. Our highly-trained pilots have the experience to safely get you where you need to be, when you need to be there.

After any type of storm; whether it be severe thunderstorms, ice, flood, tornado, or hurricane helicopters are the perfect tool for quickly inspecting assets and discovering damages incurred. Our helicopters are also used to quickly transfer line crews, sling poles, and move light equipment to sites inaccessible by road.




Timberline East provides ongoing aviation support in the mining and geophysical sectors. We currently support the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. These services include executive transport, site transfers/inspections, and aerial survey operations. Our pilots and helicopters offer the specialty skills for moving drills, staking claims, and a wide variety of geophysical work. Our helicopter fleet enables us to provide support to any mining venture in a remote location.

Timberline East is experienced in providing a number of flight options to provide forestry support services, tree planting, forest asset monitoring, wildlife management, and environmental surveys.