UH-60A+ “Black Hawk” Heavy Lift Helicopter

In Fleet: 5
Engine: GE-T701-D (2) – 1,890 HP
Capacity: 8,000 lbs

The UH-60A+ is an upgraded version of the Black Hawk with new and improved engines resulting in exceptional hot/high performance and increased reliability. Timberline operates 5 of these powerful workhorses and we are continually upgrading our fleet.

Kaman K-1200 “K-Max” Heavy Lift Helicopter

In Fleet: 2
Engine: Honeywell T5317A-1 – 1,800HP
Capacity: 6,000 lbs

While it may not look like any helicopter you have seen before, the K-Max is the gold standard in its lift capacity range. Designed as a flying crane it is the quietest, and lowest downwash helicopter in its weight class. With counter rotating rotor blades the need for an anti-torque tail rotor is eliminated allowing all available horsepower to go to lifting. This translates to very efficient lifting and the ability to perform extremely well at altitude. Add a narrow fuselage with one pilot seat and you have an unbeatable helicopter for all types of external load lifting.

MD Helicopters MD530 Light Utility Helicopter

In Fleet: 1
Engine: Rolls Royce C30B – 650HP
Capacity: 1,000 lbs

The MD500 line of helicopters are proven powerline construction aircraft and the MD530 is the undisputed beast of the family. With its 650 hp Rolls Royce engine and lengthened tailboom and blades it can lift more, pull harder, and get the job done quicker. With its small footprint and extremely stable flight characteristics it is the aircraft of choice for all types of powerline construction and maintenance.