Timberline's Staff & Crew

Ammy Jorgenson President

In 2006, Brian and Ammy Jorgenson co-founded Timberline Helicopters after operating a Kaman K-Max for 16 months in partnership with Horizon Helicopters. In the beginning, Ammy fulfilled the duties of bookkeeper, HR, payroll, and supplies for the operation. In late 2006, the company transitioned to a corporation for tax and liability purposes. On April 1, 2007, Timberline Helicopters, Inc. formally began operations as a corporation. At this point, Ammy was pregnant with the first of two children and it was decided that it would be beneficial for the new family for her to step out of day to day operations until the children were in school. During the next several years, she participated in the major decisions of the company including rebuilding a second K-Max, purchasing and operating a UH-1H, purchasing and completing a new AS350, purchasing 2 UH-60A’s, and raising two wonderful kids. In fall 2015, with the kids both in school, Ammy rejoined the company as President.

Brian Jorgenson Vice President

Co-founded Timberline Helicopters, Inc. with his wife Ammy and served as President from 2007-2015. Brian now serves as Vice President and has over 14,000 hours of flight experience, most in turbine helicopters performing external load operations. Brian helped grow the helicopter fleet from 1 helicopter to 9 in 12 years and was directly responsible for overseeing all company operations from 2007-2015. He is always looking for new and exciting opportunities and ways to grow the company into new markets and expanded capabilities. In 2014, Brian saw the opportunity to purchase a UH-60A “Blackhawk” and begin a new journey toward becoming a Type Certificate Holder. His vision and hard work have helped lead the company since the beginning toward new capabilities and continued growth. Brian remains directly involved in all company operations and daily management of helicopter precision lift and production activities.

Travis Storro Chief Operating Officer

Travis began his career refurbishing Kaman H-43’s from bone yard to flight status for Horizon Helicopters where he met Brian and Ammy. After they formed Timberline, Travis worked for Timberline as a field mechanic on the K-Max. In 2007, Travis left Timberline to pursue his dream of flying at Hillsboro Aviation where he obtained Helicopter Commercial and CFI ratings before returning in 2010 as Timberline’s Director of Maintenance. Since then, he has been busy adding to THI’s list of capabilities including setting up a 145 Repair Station, becoming a Kaman authorized vendor for structural repair, and leading the Restricted Category Type Certification project for Timberline’s UH-60A Blackhawk helicopters. In 2016, Travis accepted the role of Chief Operation Officer.

Jerry Swanson Certification Manager

Jerry began his helicopter career in 1985 as a shop mechanic on Bell UH-1's. He has worked for several different companies filling positions including Shop Foreman, Chief Inspector, Director of Maintenance, Certification Manager, and General Manager. With experience including Bell, Agusta, MDHC, Sikorsky, and Kaman, he has a well-rounded background with rotary-wing aircraft. Jerry has also developed a PMA program and served as an FAA DMIR in the past. His extensive background with Restricted Category Helicopters and experience obtaining Type Certificates and several STCs for modifications makes Jerry a key part of our operations. He joined THI in 2014 to guide the Type Certification program for the UH-60A and now serves as our company's Certification Manager.

Brady Schaures Field Maintenance Supervisor

Brady served 10 years in the United States army as a Blackhawk crew chief before joining Firehawk and subsequently Life Flight Network as a helicopter mechanic. He joined Timberline Helicopters in 2013 as a field mechanic before recently accepting the position as Field Maintenance Supervisor. Hailing from Oregon, he now resides in Sandpoint with his family.

Brandon Hahaj Safety Manager

Brandon started his aviation career in 2004 at Hillsboro Aviation where he graduated with his CFII. In the spring of 2007 he attained his ATP rotorcraft, after which he spent the next 3 years working in Alaska flying everything from tours to powerline construction. By the fall of 2012 he was working as a Safety Manager and Project Manager. In November of 2013 Brandon began working for Timberline Helicopters and the rest is history. His mechanical and commercial construction background mixed with his aviation experience makes him a valuable member of the team when drawing a line between “Safety” and “Reality”. He also carries with him an associates degree in math from MSU and in the summer of 2019 will have an aviation safety degree from USC. This is the first program of its kind officially recognized by the FAA.

Dori Gordon Logistics Manager

Dori worked as the Administrative Manager for a doctor’s office for 11 years before joining Timberline in 2012. She has become Timberline’s primary point of contact in the office serving as receptionist, and handling all shipping/receiving and logistics for parts both at the main hangar and in the field. Dori also fulfills multiple administrative duties and responsibilities for the Repair Station and flight operations. She is the glue that holds our operation together!

Damon Petracci Director of Operations

After serving four years in the Marine Corps as an Infantry Rifelman, Damon started flight training at Hillsboro Aviation in Oregon. His experience includes: flight instruction, tours, ENG, seismic, construction, VIP transport, surveys, drilling, power line construction, and firefighting. He has flown a number of different aircraft types in various climates and countries. Damon first came to Timberline January of 2012 as a Commercial Pilot. After several years, he was promoted to the Chief Pilot position. Then, in the beginning of 2018, he took the role of Director Of Operations.

Paul Karren Director of Quality/Accountable Manager

Paul began his aviation career in 1985 working final assembly on the B1-B Lancer long-range strategic bomber for Rockwell International’s North American Aircraft Division. He later accepted a position at Rockwell’s Corporate Flight Department working on a variety of executive aircraft and helicopters. In 1990, he took a position with Aero Air where he worked for the next 10 years managing a large fleet of Part 135 aircraft and helicopters, as well as the maintenance operations of a busy Part 145 repair station and aircraft refurbishment center. In 2000, he accepted a position managing a fleet of privately owned aircraft and helicopters for eight years, some of which were on Part 135 certificate. In 2008 he went to work for Hillsboro Aviation in a number of roles that included Director of Safety, Accountable Manager, and Quality Manager before coming to Timberline in 2017.

Michel Starnes Accounting Manager

Michel joined Timberline in the fall of 2017. She has run her own business for the past 15+ years as an Independent Outsource Bookkeeper. In the past four years since she married, she has lived in Florida, North Dakota and Puerto Rico and is now calling Idaho her “forever” home. Michel is proficient in QuickBooks, streamlining procedures, and tracking vital information which is essential to our business. She performs a key accounting role in our organization and is a great addition to our team!

Cory Miller HR/Compliance Manager

Cory is a self-described “plane geek” and joined our team in 2018 after a 3-year stint with Quest Aircraft as the Aftermarket Sales/Customer Care Manager. At Quest he kept close tabs on upgrade or maintenance projects for Kodiak aircraft owners as well as checking in with Kodiak owners worldwide ensuring their continued satisfaction with their airplane. Prior to joining Quest, Cory enjoyed a 21-year career in the United States Air Force, leading teams small and large using his HR skillset to ensure his teams were provided the best opportunities to succeed. Furthermore, he was responsible for compliance inspections for every U.S. Air Force base in the Pacific region as well as managing a vehicle fleet that covered a military complex the size of West Virginia. A native Montanan, he and his family love calling North Idaho home!

Chris Akin Chief Pilot

Chris has been crazy about aviation his entire life. He began flying Airplanes at 17. After serving in the Army as a paratrooper he attended A&P School at Lane Community College in Eugene, OR and started working as a crew chief on helicopters after graduation. After getting a chance to fly a helicopter following maintenance he found what he wanted to do for the rest of his career. Chris has flown for several different companies doing work ranging from seismic, tours, firefighting, construction, logging, power line work, etc. He is very passionate about the industry and very excited to be working with Timberline Helicopters Inc.

Travis Hildreth Director of Maintenance

Travis started his career in 1992 with Erickson Aircrane in the warehouse issuing parts. He worked through the ranks of Overhaul Mechanic to Field Mechanic and Crew Chief. In 2001, he accepted the role of Aircraft Manager at Erickson. During his 22 years with Erickson, he held many titles including Fleet Manager, Construction Manager, and Field Maintenance Manager. Also acted as Interim DOM at Evergreen Helicopters after the Acquisition, by Erickson. After leaving Erickson, he worked as an A&P Mechanic on light helicopters and DOM for a small operation in Missoula, Montana. Travis Joined Timberline in May of 2018, as a A&P Field Mechanic and as of May of 2019, accepted the position of Director Of Maintenance.

Timberline's History

Timberline Helicopters, Inc. was originally formed as a division of Horizon Helicopters, Inc. of Laclede, Idaho. After operating in this fashion for approximately 18 months Timberline Helicopters began operations as a sole proprietorship of Ammy and Brian Jorgenson utilizing one Kaman K-Max helicopter performing logging operations around the Northwest United States.

At present Timberline Helicopters, employs 75 people in the following operations:

  • Heavy lift helicopter services – Powerline construction, ski lift construction, firefighting, logging, general helicopter construction.
  • Helicopter rebuild and refurbishment services.
  • Helicopter maintenance services under 14CFR145 Repair Station Certificate L0QR604L
  • Type certification of former military UH-60 "Black Hawk" helicopters.
  • Supplemental Type Certificate development for utility helicopter operations.