Lift, move, place, or drop, Timberline has experience with many unique projects.  Among these our team has installed air handlers on top of 50 story buildings in highly congested areas, transported bronze statues in the mountains, worked on antenna’s over 700 feet tall, surgically removed trees piece by piece from backyards, and dropped test payloads from over 5,000 feet to test parachute systems.  For aerial transport of loads weighing up to 8,000 pounds we have the expertise to complete projects efficiently and safely.




Ski Lifts are built where it snows, naturally, but this is usually in locations that feature extreme terrain and/or altitude, this combination of factors massively affects aircraft performance and stability.  For the past 13 summers in North America, Timberline has participated in the building or replacement of more ski lifts, in the Western United States, than all other companies offering this service combined.  Our pilots and riggers are often involved with the ski lift builder early in the design phase of a new machine to ensure that each component is designed and built to a weight that can be safely delivered at the altitudes and temperatures required.  In 2018 our operations went global when we completed a ski lift installation at Falls Creek, Victoria, Australia.  Our focus on this industry has prompted us to keep at least one aircraft available during the summer months for ski lift and other construction work when most other operations concentrate on firefighting operations and thus may not be available.




Growing from a solid foundation of providing firefighting helicopters to the US Forest Service as well as state agencies in the USA, Timberline has grown to support firefighting operations around the world.  To support this growth and operations our team has built an understanding of the logistics required for operations in remote and austere environments.  Utilizing modern aircraft, custom designed firefighting equipment, and highly experienced crews we can often provide more water, more accurately, to the ground firefighter than larger aircraft.  Whatever the mission, we’re there.




Pouring concrete in difficult to access locations is a job made for the helicopter.  However, it is one of the most challenging tasks to perform efficiently and safely.  During the placing of the concrete at the foundation the pilot must compensate for wind, density altitude, and the changing weight of the bucket as it empties. The pilot also must maintain situational awareness to ensure the concrete ends up where it is required, all personnel at the site remain safe, and the bucket does not bump or damage the concrete form. These challenges do not include the rest of the operation requiring the pilot to move as quickly as is safely possible to ensure the most efficient and cost effective completion of a given concrete pour. At Timberline Helicopters our pilots have poured tens of thousands of yards of concrete in all types of conditions and locations and we look forward to many thousands more.




Helicopter logging is an environmentally friendly way to extract valuable timber from areas that are inaccessible or cannot be disturbed. Timberline Helicopters began as a helicopter logging company and we have many 1,000’s of hours of experience with all types of logging projects.  As the population moves further into the wildland urban interface helicopter logging has become a preferred method of reducing the fuel loading to prevent catastrophic fires from burning homes and buildings. We have completed these types of projects from Washington to South Dakota to California and provided consulting services for the setup and administration of these projects.  In 2015 our logging operations were transferred to Timberline Logging Enterprises LLC.  Please visit Timberline Logging Enterprises LLC for more specific information.




From initial project survey to final inspection and continuing maintenance throughout the lifespan of utility infrastructure, Timberline Helicopters has the equipment and experience required to perform utilities powerline construction and maintenance.  This experience includes providing heavy lift helicopters for 500kV transmission tower construction in remote areas, pole replacement in-set, wire pulling, marker ball installation and replacement, bird diverter installation, mid span wire repairs, and Human External Cargo operations.  Our pilots are known throughout the industry for their skill and “on the bolts” accuracy that is required for the safe completion of projects, especially while personnel may be working hundreds of feet above the ground handling loads weighing up to 8,000 pounds.  In addition to our pilots, we employ highly experienced linemen who are familiar with helicopter construction and maintenance to ensure that operations are completed quickly and safely.




Aircraft can be mobilized within your service territory based on storm tracking data and your respective Storm Plan. Placing workers, equipment, and materials close enough to the expected impact area/destruction to respond quickly, but far enough away to avoid damage themselves while they safely ride out the storm. Allowing for quick reaction and guaranteed helicopter availability to post-storm events and power restoration efforts.